I recently came across this post on Survey Analysis, Since I am also involved in surveys, this piqued my interest.

Economic Conditions Snapshot, March 2017: McKinsey Global Survey results


As you see the charts tell a story but there is a way we can improve upon. The credit for this goes to my first manager , Neeraj Garg.

While I have visually improved it a lot, the basic premise remains the same.

I make one change, The axis is at Zero, Whatever is on the left side is bad and whatever is on the right side is good. Me being an auditor by training, Same is always bad. So it is on the left-hand side.

I have kept the color scheme same, but there is a better one proposed as second SS. The color must be red in case of worst and not Green


Now comes why this change?  If you see the Mar 17 is now showing as Highest Positive sum as compared to Rest of Months, Now this is not clearly visible in above. This tells us strengths and weaknesses in a survey immediately or best vs worse.

There are many more improvements that can be suggested, Maybe I ‘ll do it another post.

Attached is excel if someone wants to play with charts.

Base Line charts

Tip: the Negative numbers shown for same and Worse in above can be changed to only numbers.   You need to use this option.