Today I came across a Podcast, and I completely agree with the speaker.

  1. Listening increases the retention.
  2. Use of time that may get wasted like cleaning, Excercise, and Commute.
  3. I like Audio Books, so I am partial.

Now, this podcast is a like a syllabus that you can follow to get started in ML, and I for one am all in.

I have gone through 1 to 8 parts fairly quickly with listening 1-4 multiple times even.

A big thumbs up !!!!!!!!!!!

Came across Pedro Domingos and his class on ML, I feel this is a master class.

University of Washington Computer Science & Engineering – Machine Learning

Some takeaways from PodCast. I ‘ll keep in editing as I come across more

  1. Andrew Ng Course is a must for any starter.
  2. Read The Master Algorithm, Not now but some time later. Complete his course.
  3. Don’t be afraid of Math and Statistics, you ‘ll learn as you go. Just know how to drive a car, you don’t need to know how the Internal combustion engine works.
  4. I had a lingering feeling that ML is not as difficult as it’s made to be. Follow the KISS principle – Keep it Simple, Stupid. Both ocdevel and Pedro agree with me.Kind off?
  5. The most advanced and cutting edge ML is reinforcement Algo and is done by Deep Mind.  Can I even read and understand their papers?