Today was a productive day, developed good and clean charts with Bokeh, pandas and python.

It would have taken me less time to do with Excel and VBA but the sheer joy of doing by coding was unmatched and beauty was evident. The best part is I can do this over and over again and in a minute.

I am uploading screen shots and will shortly update the Source code and HTML File. May we will give GitHub a try again.

They have linked panning and bar chart on is tap and hover enabled.

Maybe it was just me or these charts looked phenomenal on my mobile’s screen.

Source Code and Demo html file


Next step: Find a way to plot the boundary of India and display the city wise distribution on a map and not in bar chart.

Salute to guys over bokeh who developed these and gave them to the community and even train selflessly.

Give a search on youtube to find some excellent tutorials especially from pycons.

These are good starting points.

Tutorial | Basic Bokeh | EuroSciPy 2015 | Bryan Van de Ven

Sarah Bird | Getting Started With Bokeh

Cheers,  See u later.