Starting this blog on 24th Feb 17.

I am a computer engineer by education and currently working in IT sector.An 11 year experienced individual who is ever in need to learn and improve.

Started with Excel and then VBA automation and now learning python and Machine learning.  Gained few certifications along the way.

I am amazed at the progress made by python and related packages. See my understanding of a skilled person in Excel.

Level 1 to Level 5.

L – Zero – Knows how to add formulas , pivots and all the features on ribbons.

L1 – knows VBA and hates doing even simple excel tasks and relies on VBA.

L1.5 – That’s me. Moving to other better environments.

l2 – Python beginner, knows what is panda , matplotlib and some bokeh.

You see even an l2 will beat l1 of Excel. I am not bashing excel. Keep in mind I have been developing excel for last 11 years.

Take a guess who L5 is.

L5 are people who design the brilliant libraries we use.

Will start posting all of my excel and VBA projects as giving back to the community.

I would like to thank all of the internet community who share code and help on StackExchange.

One word – Amazing.